Understanding Client Business Needs

What is at the core of Dreama is we want to help businesses achieve their online goals.

The way this whole process starts is very simple, we listen. The first and most important thing about building a website is that as a website company we need to become interested in our clients business. We need to understand not just them but their business and their customers.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt at Dreama is a website is it's a reflection of the business and a business is a reflection of the owner. It’s of the upmost importance that we understand and learn our clients' business so we can reflect that in the website we create.

Dreama Websites Build Process

At Dreama we have worked very hard to design an in-depth process to Project Manage our client’s website builds. Over the last 6 years we have continually worked and refined our systems to speed up production but most importantly maintain the highest quality possible.

Our system is centred on working with the client to develop the website. The process is a step by step systematic approach that involves the client every step of the way. Through our process we progressively eliminate miscommunication and confusion through a clearly outlined Design Proposal and Design Brief which lead to a well developed Design Concept. At each step we ensure the client is happy and has signed off before we move to the next phase.

For us here at Dreama Website Your Business is Our Passion and we will work with you to develop the right website for your business

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Paul Walker
Business Owner
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