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As I’m sure you have noticed, everything is going online and I mean everything, if you’re a business that sells products and you either don’t have an eCommerce website OR your current website is ‘Seriously Lacking’ in performance and appeal, then you need to talk to us today.

When it comes to the world of eCommerce, ‘If It Aint Working It Aint Selling’ and this is something you need to address very quickly. What you can’t afford is a customer with their credit card at the ready going somewhere else because they either can’t buy from you or your website just isn’t up to scratch and they’re frustrated.

Dreama is here to help you. We have 7 years of knowledge behind us to create the website you need. There isn’t a thing you need to worry about, it’s our job to make sure you receive everything you need to get you online with the highest quality Mobile Responsive website.

At Dreama we are well versed in the world of eCommerce and can take you through the world of online sales with little fuss and maximum results. We have worked very hard to develop a systemised process that will take you from where you are, to selling products in no time at all.


Our team is ready to build the online store you’ve dreamed of


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eCommerce Website Features

Custom Design Website

2 Databases

Full Graphic Design

Mobile Responsive

Content Management System

Graphic Design Slider Adverts

Unlimited Pages

Enhanced Website Functionality

Website Training Sessions

Product Management System

eCommerce Configuration

eCommerce Security Configuration

eCommerce Payment Gateway

Products Added

Dynamic Pricing System

XML Site Map


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