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We have been in the business of printing for 20 years. We first started with a smnall printing press and slowly but surely over the years have build up our skills as well as our printing equipment.

Discount Labels is very unique in our approach to printing. Whilst many other business have switched over to digital printing we have remained true to our passion and stayed with conventional printing methods.

The reason we have done this is very simple, Quality.

Although a digital print is quicker and cheaper what you will be compromising on is the quality. What you will find is these types of print fade a lot quicker in the sun and there is less depth to the reproduction of the image.

Here at Discount Labels we are all about quality. We aim is to provide the highest quality print to our clients. We focus on making sure that the design you have is reproduced with a depth to the colour that helps to make your product stand out.

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Phone: (08) 9309 9194(08) 9309 9194
Unit 3, 4 Arrigo St, Wangara WA 6065