Ranking On Line. The basic principals on how to design your web page SEO

When you are thinking about how to design a website, Search Engine Optimising (SEO) is quite often overlooked at the beginning. WHY? Because many businesses find it a mine field of questions about what to do with very little answers. So where do you start. Below is an introduction to the world of SEO. If you you want to have a look at our Baseline SEO Package click here.


Here are the basic web principles of good SEO:

  • Your content needs to original, relevant and up-to-date. Google loves the most recent information on line.
  • You need to place keywords through your content with a 5% density. So no keyword stuff. Google hates it.
  • Place keywords in headings, tags, titles, links, metadata. No matter what is being said this will always be good practice.
  • Specialise your optimisation for each page. In other words if a page has a particular topic it talks about, only use keywords, title, tags and links etc that relate to that topic. You’re trying to get that page to rank.
  • Don’t false advertise. Don’t lure people to your website through irrelevant links, or the misuse of keywords, titles etc.
  • Find other site to that a relevant to link to.
  • Use your Social Media extensively by making sure that your posts, blogs etc are seen on your website and in your social media.

How search engines read a web page

Page Title

It’s the first place a search engine looks to find out what the page is about. If this is set correctly, your page will be skipped over.


On a newspaper the headline is always big and bold. This similar for a webpage. Make sure any headlines or sub headlines are in bold or italics or bulleted to make them stand out.

Introduction and Conclusion

In the same way a reader will scan the introduction and the conclusion of a document or an article, the search engines will do the same. However with a search engine they will be looking for relevant keywords in these areas. That doesn’t mean you only place them here but it's definitely a good place to put them.

Related Links

First and foremost this is where your social media starts. So make sure you have a good strategy about your social media. The more you work that and use it to drive traffic to your website the more the search engines will view your site. Secondly linking with relevant websites will also boost your importance to the engines.


Keep it up to date. Search engines (Google especially) always aim to provide the most up to date content to a browser. So this means you need to write good quality content and keep updating it. The less you do this the more your website will slip in the rankings.

If you would like to know more about how to design successfully your on line SEO we can help your business. The Dreama Team are ready and waiting to hear from you.