Even in today’s age of the internet, I still find that businesses either can’t see the importance of having a website OR they don’t fully understand what their website is capable of. So what I will do here is go through exactly what a website is, clear up some confusion and get you to start having a closer look at what you have.

Filing System for your Business Information

My clients often ask me ‘How does a website work?’ the best analogy I can think of is a filing cabinet.

Your webDreama Websites Mandurah. Website Developer from Mandurah to Joondalupsite is a series of files all stored in a single draw of a filing cabinet. When a person goes onto your website it’s like they opened the draw. Each one of your web pages is a folder and then within each folder is your content. SO……. What a browser is doing is looking through each folder until they find the piece of information they need on your website.

Pretty much what this means is, the better you organise your website and clearly label all your information, the easier you make it for anyone who visits your site. How does this translate into the website world?

What we are talking about here is your website navigation system. The better you design the website navigation system the more convenient you make it for the browser and consequently the better you are displaying your products and services which will certainly go a long way to converting browsing into inquiries. In a later article I will explore more closely the website navigation system.

Communication Tool

Your website is one of the best ways for you to communicate with your clients and customers. There is a rule about websites I truly believe.

A customer will jump online long before they will jump in their car.

The better your website is at communicating with your customers or clients the more success you will have at converting browsing to inquiries. Here’s something I find many businesses don’t initially think about when it comes to their website.

A website is a reflection of your business. Your business is a reflection of you. Therefore, your website is actually a reflection of you!

You see, people will buy from a business not just because they have great service or great prices. They will also buy from a business because they like the person they dealt with, a level of trust was established, and good sense of ‘honesty’ was conveyed. After all we are human and therefore we buy because of the relationships we build.

So what’s the point of all this? Make sure your website is a reflection of you and your business. Let your personality shine through in your website, let your website talk personally to your customers and clients. The better you achieve this the move inquiries you will have.

Business Asset

This is another thing about a website that isn’t commonly known. Your website is a business asset. When it comes time to sell your business, the strength of your website can certainly add value to your business. What do I mean by strength?

A website that isn’t Mobile Responsive, not ranking at all, is old and not well maintained and has practically no traffic to it, is worthless and anyone buying the business will most likely scrap it and start again. HOWEVER, if your website looks professional, has some SEO work done to it, has a reasonable to good ranking and has regular traffic, it is far more valuable and increases the price you can sell the business for. WHY? Because the buyer doesn’t have to put a lot of work, time and money into creating a new website and driving traffic to it. So it is worth building and maintaining a good website for your business.

Advertising Tool

Dreama Websites. Website Devloper for MandurahYour website is the best advertising tool you will ever have. With the right design you can advertise everything and anything you want. The first thing you have to remember is, a browser will not always land on your Home Page first. So it’s important to look at each page you have and see what or how you could advertise your products and services.

The key to making your website work for you is looking at how you can drive traffic to your website. The better you gain skills in this area mixed with how you advertise the more success you will have in converting browsing to inquires.

So I say to you now. Learn your website, learn how it works, learn what you can do with it, learn how to grow it. It is by far the single most effective and cheapest way to tell your customers and clients what you have to offer.

Link to Social Media

For some business owners they see social media as the bane of their existence. They don’t understand it, can’t see the point in it, don’t have the time and feel it’s just not relevant to their business. Look, that’s fair enough. The social media landscape is already huge and is still growing. So the thing is what is social media and how does it relate to your business?

Whether you like it or hate it the simple fact is, people talk, people share, and people review. There are two fundamental reasons why social media is good for your website:

  1. It is the cheapest way to advertise your business
  2. If a customer likes your business, they are quite likely to share it on social media.

In a later article I will go into social media in more depth, but for now I want to draw your attention to the idea that, on your website it is imperative that you give any browser the option to share any page you have on your website. WHY?…… think about it. If you have a fantastic product OR you’ve written an amazing piece of knowledge and that browsers shares it, you have just got ‘Free Advertising’. For business that’s is the best case scenario you could possible achieve. It’s what you’re aiming for.

So the better your website, the better your content, the more professional you are online, the chances of it being spread via social media increases.

Well that wraps it up for this article so I shall leave you with this thought. A browser will go onto your website and judge your business based on how your website performs. If you have a bad website, they’re first thought will be ‘Bad Website, I Wonder How Bad The Business Is Run’. Even though they say is ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, that unfortunately is exactly what your customers and clients will do.

In the next article I will make most of the web companies hate me because I will break down for you how the price of a website is costed. That you won’t want to miss.

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